Helping you With your Council Tax


What we do

Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Caine Parrott and I would like to help Council Tax Payers pay the correct amount of Council Tax. For many reasons people overpay Council Tax without realising it. A common misbelief is that the Council Tax bill is always correct! I work with clients to assess their bill and circumstances with a view to reducing their payments and where possible obtain a refund.

Council Tax band errors

It is possible that your property has been allocated the wrong band. You may have heard of Council Tax band challenges, also known as VOA band challenges. 

Many people have successfully challenged their band and had this lowered and a refund issued for the overpayment that had been occurring over time.

Council Tax discounts and disregards

The amount of Council Tax payable per property is also based around the number of people that are living there and their individual circumstances.

Some situations mean that people could be disregarded for Council Tax purposes and also there may be discounts to be applied to the Council Tax bill.






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