Council Tax band errors

It is possible that your property had been allocated the wrong band in 1991 and you have been over paying Council Tax since 1993. You may have heard of Council Tax band challenges, also known as VOA band challenges. 

Many people have successfully challenged their band and had the band lowered plus a refund issued for the overpayment that had been occurring for some time.

If I have contacted you regarding your Council Tax band this is because I have researched your property and found that I have the evidence that could be used to argue your case for the band to be lowered.

I will support you and give clerical assistance for you to challenge your property’s Council Tax band. I only charge a fee when the band is successfully reduced.

I can research any property in England and give my opinion on which band it should be in. I would only advise a reduction in band is possible if I have gathered the evidence to support this.